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A killing silence: Cynical policies and procedures on migration issues.

Dernière mise à jour : 4 juil. 2021

Now it’s quiet. Silence. Muffled noises of the electronic in my kitchen.


I miss that special feeling of clapping my hands in theater, at a concert, in a music or literature festivals.

Not sure that European leaders are willing to bribe Libya again to tackle the flows of migrants from the South. Where is Muhamar Khadafi? And Berlusca? Sarkozy and the others? Fo who side dem di dey? Where are they? Question!

Not sure neither they will want to support the Ocean Vikings’ vessel and the other vessels working harsh and hard likewise graceful birds flying over Mediterranean. They save young lives.

Look, this young woman is stretching out her son to rescuers. A soft nest. Taken like a pearl. A pearl of life. They took him. Oh chicky! Chicky is saved! Oh my Chi! Look at how my Chicky is beautiful, wearing his little yellow life jacket.

The economic crisis is already hitting. Everywhere. Giant waves like roars are hitting. Upheaval. Agitation. Vulnerability. Vulnerability is when The mountains fall down. The ashes are like quicksand. People are sinking. My people are being sunk for years.

On purpose.

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