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Language blindness: learn to see things from a different perspective

Dernière mise à jour : 4 juil. 2021

These days are beautiful. Really. The sun shines like a baby smiles. Who can be indifferent to the smile of a baby? The sun rays, early in the morning, by 5, already dance on my bed likewise puppies asking me to wake up. Waging their little tails, barking softly, them say: “Let’s go for a walk. Hop! Hop! Let’s go!” Babies like puppies. Them smile like sun. Because we are having really beautiful days.

My country peopo,

Tell me, what do you see when you read the text here above? What pictures come in your mind? The sea? The beach, your baby dog, your bedroom ? A glass of wine? The lake? Swans? Freedom? What do you see?

I mean, if you haven’t seen anything, therefore try again. Can you view something now?

Ok. Take a book, gather your puppies. Reading time. If they see something, they will stay quiet, the tongue hanging out and listen. If they don’t see anything, they will start barking and playing among them. Even puppies want to see.

Thinking, speaking, reading or even writing without seeing anything is a waste of time. If you can’t see anything while reading a book, you better give it up and lock up yourself in your bedroom. Uhuh. Give it up and step aside to allow yourself to dream and see what you want to see.

Oh look up there! It’s a butterfly. Butter which flies? The colourful wings seem delicious.

Ok. If I say: I like bananas.

What do u see?

If I say: Faggot!

What do u see?

If I say: Nigger or Negro or even SVP-nigger!

What do you see?

I stopped feeling offended by some insults a long time ago. Faggot! Pédé! Nigger! Negro ! Sale negro pédé!

What do you see when you say: Pédé negro

What do you see when you say: pédé!

I noticed many users of those words don’t see that much behind or beyond. The sound of Pédé said as an insult (intonation, accent, facial expression, volume of the voice, etc.) to offend you, is sometimes empty. I’m talking about the emptiness of the brain, the emptiness of the language used to insult.

Do you see someone trying to rob me with an empty gun?

Ok. If you see him/her. Let’s call him/her, the offender.

The offender might just see an effeminate guy. But who’s an effeminate guy? When can we start saying this guy is effeminate? Some criteria, please? Does being effeminate mean you are pédé?

The offender might also see sodomy. Really? How come? Does he/she practice sodomy? Watch it? Dream of it? Want to taste le goût of de ça? What are his/her relation with sodomy and generally with sex?

I can precisely see what sodomy is. I’ve got a Phd in sodomy and I can tell you It can be favoloso !

So if someone tries to offend me by saying: pédé, I will suddenly complete his/her statement by saying, at least in my heart: yep, I’m a pédé negro! Yep, I’m a nasty negro faggot!

And I like it because actually I can see exactly what it means historically, linguistically, sociologically, philosophically and even lobelogically. “Pédé negro” means nothing but courage, boldness, wisdom, bravery and beauty.

Parole! Parole! Parole!

Now if I say: I like monkeys and bananas.

What do you see?

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