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Sex and political leaders: does that help in decision-making process?

Dernière mise à jour : 15 sept. 2022

For the first time in my life, I’ve been seriously wondering about the sex life of our political leaders, I mean the big political leaders of this world.

I mean, since the 24th February of this year, since that stupid war started there in Eastern Europe, more than ever, I deeply believe war can be always avoided. Feeding violence by sending weapons, nuclear threats, men, women, children, animals... how many people will have to die in this useless bloodshed before they just decide to stop it?

Then, I’ve been asking myself how intimacy, the sex life of political leaders looks like? How does that influence their decision-making process?

I live in Switzerland. Republic of Geneva. Yes my country people, Geneva is a Republic! (Smile!)

Here, many people barely know the names of our Swiss ministers, the state's government. They are 7 ministers, a gang! They're all elected by deputies. One of them, in a circle system, becomes every year, president of Switzerland. It's all honorific, nothing special in the job.

Time to time, about 4 to 5 times per year, they call over the people, das Volk, to say Yes or No to a question on a referendum. On the 25th of September for instance, we're asked to vote Yes or No to the increase of retirement age of women. My NO have been already sent via post and we wait for the results on the 25th. There's no personification of power.

Now, when I read news here and there, when I see all what happens around in this world, the Queen - Rip. Never insult a corpse for we’re all going to die one-day-one-day.

When I look at Charles the 3rd and his wife… (smile)

When I look at this our Emmanuel the 1st and his wife, our dearest Bri!

When I look at that one, they call’am say Boris the agitated - please let's make no comment on Lizzy. We wanna trust her.

When I look at Unculu Joe Biden,

When I look at Aunty Nancy Pelosi walking down the stairs of the aircraft which took her to Taiwan, eh papa God! Have mercy!

When I look and listen to Ursula!

When I look at Xi Jiping, the discreet

When I look at big Bro Zi, Zi, Zelenski, the military kinkiest ever

When I look at cousin Put’it’in

When I look at all those people, I have like bad thoughts coming in my mind

Not even bad thoughts, just a hope,

Let's bunga this world naaaa!

Let's call back the Capi, Berlusca, the Bunga bunga man

Or Dom slut Kahn...

All kidding aside,

Please, you leaders, make it great first in your bed. Make it soft, hard, or bang, but have it. A simple handjob can blow away the dark clouds in your brain, more in your mind set.

I mean, this must be relevant to take good decisions, no be so?

You my country people, let me know what you think of that in your comments.

No wahala oooh!

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