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June Pride Month 2021: A Black African queer month?

Dernière mise à jour : 4 juil. 2021

When I started posting papers on this blog, many of my friends asked me why I always talk about Black African gays. Why do I underline that specific group? Is it not contributing to balkanise the Lgbt world community?

Sorry, I’m a Black African gay.

Universalism is a lure. It’s even a lie. Empirically, I swear to God, it’s a lie.

Many Lgbt activists can’t localise us on their activism map. They don’t see us. We don’t exist for them - we’re too far from their target. Out of sight, definitely out of mind. N’est-ce pas? Personally, I can’t blame them. They are already busy with bettering their own good situation (cf: The powerful closet).

What do they actually want to better? (I don’t include some eastern European countries. Eeeh?! In Poland for instance, some municipalities and regions proudly claim to be Lgbt free zones!) 🤐🙄😪

Here in Switzerland where I live, the Lgbt associations and lobbyists are fighting for same sex mariage: we’re going to vote on that question very soon, next year I think. The parliament debates on how to open to same-sex-parents families the possibility to have children. Several options are being discussed: adoption, medically assisted conception, renting a womb, shared parenting, etc.

Over there, where I was born, the question is: should they be detained or killed?

Look at that Black guy striking on the street in Europe. He shouts: “Black lives matter! Black lives matter!” He is so angry with discriminations towards Black people, towards himself. But, when it comes to talk about the way he discriminates other Blacks because they are gays or Amousoungoulay, you will see him open his big mouth like a hippo: “The word of God says...”

Shut your mop up!

Them no be shame.

God’s love. ( I will come back another day to the strange but deep relationship that Black African gays have with religion. I’m Christian btw).

Love isn’t just rainbow. Love is also black. June must be specifically black! But not just Black American or African American: them be so concerned about racial issues. Sub-Saharan gays barely know about your so called racism. Nevertheless, them know the dark and unbearable fear of being blackmailed or even threatened to be burned. Alive. In wheels.

Over there, wearing costume jewelleries can be fatal. Uhuh.

Gay love isn’t just Black European or Black American. It isn’t just oyinbo, White, blue, green, pink. It must be also Black African.

Oh my beloved friends! I’m afraid, no law can change the colour of people’s heart What’s the colour if your heart?


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